Very excited to report that we launched FutureFoodFinance today!

This is my new blog focused entirely on the food revolution underway and the rise of everything from Cultured meat through to carbon sequestration and plant biotech, taking in a hefty helping of Agtech!

My co-founders Paul Cuatrecasas, Oli Batchelor, and I have spent quite a few months working up the site and we’d love it if you were to head over to and look at some of our launch stories.

Future Food Finance promises to bring you, the investor, insightful analysis and interviews on a regular weekly basis about the impending revolution in food.

A great place to start is to read our highlighted analysis The Next Major Mega Shift by co-founder Paul Cuatrecasas.

It’s a comprehensive background analysis based around the core proposition that “over the next 5 to 15 years there will be a revolution in the food industry that will feel like the disruption of the horse and cart back in the early 1900s by the automobile – the transformation will extend across the entire global food value chain, from fark to fork.”

The chart below from Paul’s article reminds us why the stakes are so high for the legacy food system.

Stuart Forbes of Rize ETF in his article How the Food we eat affects our environment reinforces this point with his observation that the legacy beef system “requires 20 times more land and emits 20 times more greenhouse gases per gram of protein than common plant-based proteins. Shockingly, one kilogram of beef requires an average of 15,415 litres of water in its production!”.

We also launch with an in-depth interview with Jim Mellon, one of the founders of AIM-listed investment fund Agronomics. It is an in-depth conversation and you can either read the unedited transcript or see the full video interview on It’s absolutely worth having a watch as Jim elegantly explains why he thinks cultured meat – grown in a bioreactor – is the future.

Last but by no means least in terms of articles, check out FFFs monthly curated list of stories from around the web, all with a focus on investors in this space. The February round-up for instance contains a wealth of content to read for a wet weekend (!). I particularly enjoyed reading a short but excellent piece in The Economist magazine about the rise of alternative proteins in pet foods – I think this is a huge potential market. You can read it HERE.

Future Food event on the afternoon of March 30th – register now!

I couldn’t finish without one last reminder.

Strategic advisory firm Maitland/amo is hosting, online, their Future Food Forum at 2pm on March 30th –. I’m co-hosting the event and we’ve lined up some great speakers including Jim Mello, Bruce Friedrich from the Good Food Institute, Anne Le Borgne from CPR, and a range of businesses on the front line of the food revolution.

Use this LINK to register to attend the virtual event for free. We’ll soon be closing the list so if you haven’t already signed up, click on the link above as soon as possible!