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Loan Book Blues and Numis updates on buy list

So, Farwell and adieu to the Funding Circle SME Loan Income fund. Last week it announced that it would cease investment in new loans and return capital to shareholders. Just a quick reminder. Funding Circle SME was launched in November… Continue reading →

Interested in investing in the Global Cannabis sector

I think the legalization of cannabis is a really big affair. What started in North America will, I think, intensify calls for either reform or outright decriminalization. As a magistrate, I already see a hugely smaller number of dope related… Continue reading →

The B Word – hard brexit becomes more likely, divisions in Labour and diversity policies for the Euro elections

Another day and yet more confusion about the Brexit process. I have no inside track but I always thought that either the PMs agreement would get through or we’d reschedule the leaving date. It appears we are now entering either… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Late Cycle, Weaker Dollar?

Great chart out today from the Cross-asset research team at Morgan Stanley. It shows ranked asset class by returns with green indicating that returns beat inflation. Everything last lagged inflation as growth slowed and the Fed tightened policy. There was… Continue reading →

Utility fund in the doldrums

Sectors go in and out of favor and I think it is fair to say that at the moment utility stocks – and their accompanying funds – are most definitively out of favor. They are perceived as the classic “no- growth”,… Continue reading →

The Bar Keeps going higher for closed end funds

My working assumption has always been that when you pick a wealth adviser they bespoke a portfolio for you and look at the whole of the market, without sensible exception. And that last term sensible exception is important. By rights,… Continue reading →

Where are those Moroccan supermarkets (!?) and another high yielding equities basket

I suspect we’ll look back at the last few decades and say that the single most important economic story for most earthlings wasn’t tech, or leverage or Trumpite levies but the growth in emerging market consumer economies. For a huge… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – First quarter rebound? More flimsy than you think

First off, some headline numbers from S&P Dow Jones on equity markets globally. For March, global markets were up 0.78% for the month, and excluding the U.S.’s 1.28% decline, they were up 0.21%.  For the three-month year-to-date period, global markets… Continue reading →

The robots start to adapt

I run a bunch of online robo accounts, mainly to see how they adapt to changing markets – and see who provides the best returns. Call me old fashioned but if I am going to pay for clever algorithms and… Continue reading →

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