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Why central bankers should stick to their knitting

A few year ago I attended one of Amundi’s excellent investment forums in Paris and was astonished when the governor of the bank of France declared they might not accept fossil fuel bonds as collateral in the future. Um, I… Continue reading →

Update on Uranium plus Music fund valuations

Interesting note out last week from BoA Securities analysts on Uranium, hat tip to Ocean Wall for forwarding. My September Financial Times column looked at prospects for nuclear power and suggested that uranium prices might, just might, start to move… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Rising default rates and more global liquidity coming

If, and it’s a big if, we are through the worst of the pandemic emergency, what should bond investors expect to happen to corporate bond defaults? Will the pace of growth slow down or should we expect a pickup in… Continue reading →

Which emerging and frontier markets are building the right social and physical infrastructure

Quick note today. Charles Robertson, Renaissance Capital’s Global Chief Economist, has been digging around on data for electricity, education, investment levels in the Emerging and Frontier markets. The idea is simple – those countries that invest in the right infrastructure are more likely to… Continue reading →

New alpha seeking Data Infrastructure ETF

One of the most interesting changes in recent years has been the subtle shift – at the edges – within the exchange traded fund (ETF) business model. Traditionally these cheap index tracking funds have been properly passive – look for… Continue reading →

Reflections on the endless Covid debates and implications for investors

Just in case any of us needed reminding, experts very rarely agree amongst themselves and there is usually no ‘agreed science’. As we teeter on the edge of another shutdown/circuit breaker/kick in the teeth, scientists are busily squabbling amongst themselves… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Yet more inflation data, plus complacency in the US

The idea that any of us should be worrying about inflation still seems slightly laughable in Europe. As Albert Edwards from SocGen pointed out last week, Eurozone CPI fell to only 0.2% yoy in September “from an already shockingly low… Continue reading →

Update on trading list – decent returns so far but early days

I thought I would finish the week with a  quick update on my alternative funds trading list. At the bottom you’ll find a table on returns over the last few months – overall I can report some very decent gains… Continue reading →

What happens if America fails

It goes without saying that the United States is systemically important. Its assets – the dollar and US Treasuries – are regarded as safe havens. Its credit markets dominate the world and its central bank in effect provides global liquidity…. Continue reading →

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