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Three additions to Funds Trading List

I have three additions to my funds trading list this week, two of them inter related. The first is Pollen Street Secured Lending, ticker PSSL, share price 750p. I’ve already written about this in Money Week (last week). This is… Continue reading →

The Tech Cold War needs a stronger Chinese consumer sector to really take off

The Times’ columnist Rachel Sylvester has an excellent column on the new cold war with China in yesterday’s Times. Called “China is winning this war of the worlds”, you can read it here : There’s nothing terribly new here… Continue reading →

Monday Macro: Vaccine in 2021 if we are lucky, echoes of 1918 again, plus euro and gold strengthen

We are in danger of charts overkill in today’s blog, but I can’t help but pull up some observations and charts which I think are compelling. The first gaggle come from the latest edition of the SG Practical Quant Investor… Continue reading →

New addition to Prudent 15 list – Ecofin

You can find out more about my Dynamic 35 and Prudent 15 lists here at Sharepad – Ecofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust (EGL) I do not think it is unfair to say that over the last decade we have… Continue reading →

The Digital Banks – will they struggle post Corona?

Just been digging around inside a recent note – last week – from Joe Dickerson, UK banks analyst at Jefferies. I will not go into too much detail but the key passage for me is his analysis of the challenge… Continue reading →

Structured Products: numbers for the last decade are in

Regular readers will know that I have soft spot for structured products. My sense is that these have moved from being lightly questionable products in the earlier part of this century to mainstream alternatives to the absolute returns/defensive funds space…. Continue reading →

Please take an interest in union politics – it will matter for all of us

It strikes me that one of the least reported stories here in the UK is the state of the trade union movement. Amongst City investors I think a consensus has emerged which suggests that they don’t really matter, except for… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – European earnings not looking too bad, plus bad debts for online lenders – how much will they increase?

My suspicion is that until fairly recently the ups and downs of the stock market were largely based  on pure guess work – hopes and expectations. Frankly, none of us had any idea how bad things might get and what… Continue reading →

Another addition to my funds trading list: Doric Nimrod 2

My latest addition to my funds trading list is one that I think can fairly be described as controversial. It is Doric Nimrod 3, ticker DNA 3. I’ve written before about the small fleet of listed aircraft funds, usually favouring… Continue reading →

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