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Key takeaways from Amundi Investment Forum last week

At the tail end of last week, I attended the excellent Amundi Global Investment Forum, a star-studded extravaganza of Nobel winning economists, central bankers and ex-top flight politicians. The quality of speakers is always excellent and who can say no… Continue reading →

Alternative Income event tomorrow

Apologies for the radio silence last week – at Amundi Investment Forum. More on that excellent event later in the week. A gaggle of Nobel economists plus John Kerry on Iran and China. In the meantime just a quick reminder… Continue reading →

Event Reminder – Tech funds and AltProperty

A quick reminder today about two great events I’m hosting that are coming in the next month or so. First up is the ETF Stream Technology funds forum. We’ve assembled a really first-rate bunch of speakers to talk about using… Continue reading →

Do cryptos really compare to gold as a store of value ? Volatility suggests otherwise.

One of my favorite arguments advanced by cryptocurrency enthusiasts is that the various digital money systems, and most notably bitcoin, are a great future potential store of value. Clearly, the crypto enthusiasts have in mind usurping the age-old store of… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Bond investors are telling us something.

I quite like keeping a close eye on fund flows as an indicator of sentiment and the big story of 2019 so far has been a simple one. Equity prices might have rebounded (and subsequently stumbled) but investors are voting… Continue reading →

Two charts for the weekend – as inflation crashes, might high dividend yielders soar?

Investment narrative: Inflation is firmly under control but corporate profit margins might be under attack in Europe. Time for high yielding equities to start out performing? Two interesting charts today from the cross-asset research team at Morgan Stanley. The first… Continue reading →

Brexit observation plus EM developments to watch out for

Investors worried by the uncertainty surrounding the whole Brexit process won’t have found much to cheer them in the recent Euro election results from Sunday. On paper, it simply confirmed what we all probably know, which is that there are… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Trade War update

I’ve noted before in this blog that I think the impending Cold War between China and the US is THE TREND to watch out for in the next decade. I’m usually on the most hawkish side of every national security… Continue reading →

Safety in Size and an Ode to Teresa

I’m sure we’ll be bored stiff about the news of the PMs resignation but all I would say is that it isn’t great investment news. I personally admire Mrs. May resolve and I think her suggested deal was the best… Continue reading →

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