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Airlines wilting in the sumemr heat, healthcare property on the continent and structured products

A real mix today – airlines, healthcare property, and structured products. Three investment niches few would expect to be bunched together in one blog! The two-sector observations are both courtesy of Morgan Stanley analysts. They both speak to interesting broader… Continue reading →


Back in September last year, I talked about Uranium in my regular FT column. You can read that column here: At the time I mentioned Yellow Cake which is “ a relatively new vehicle listed on Aim (and in… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – China liquidity boost and more reasons to buy EM stocks

So, as we go further into 2021 I intend to stick with my two main investment calls – bullish on emerging markets (AND China) and commodities. I separate out EM from China for reasons already stated – they are increasingly… Continue reading →

A new addition to The Dynamic 35: Manchester and London

My latest addition to the ranks of Dynamic 35 list of listed funds is called Manchester and London Investment Trust. I’ll admit from the getgo that this main market fund is a tad idiosyncratic. It’s in effect a family investment… Continue reading →

More detail on Digital Infrastructure stocks

I wanted to add a little more detail to my piece in Citywire yesterday, on the launch of a new digital infrastructure fund called Digital 9 Infrastructure. You can read the article HERE. For the avoidance of all doubt, I… Continue reading →

There’s a lot of money out there waiting for a home

One of the arguments supporting a Roaring Twenties thesis – and the return of inflation – is that there’s a lot of money sitting on the sidelines waiting to be spent. Investors tend to think this means waiting to be… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – EM opportunities, Tesla in India and the Super forecasters on the US economy

An interesting note out last week from the global emerging markets research team at HSBC. To repeat, I’m still very bullish about EM assets even after the recent run-up. My sense is that these assets – especially BRICs less China… Continue reading →

Nationalising Alibaba ?

A quick set of thoughts today on Alibaba. I’ve been reading Catherine Belton’s superb book Putin’s People which is a forensic account of how we all collectively got Russia wrong at the start of this century. The key event speaks… Continue reading →

Whither gold? Before I dig into the gold narrative, I thought I’d quickly mention the polling results of Morgan Stanley Europe’s Global Insights Day 2021 . “Polling at our annual January conference suggests investor sentiment is very bullish, for example,… Continue reading →

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