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Another warning, this time from Cross Border

Over the last few months, I’ve grown increasingly cautious with my own investments – I haven’t committed any new money to the markets since the beginning of last year. But this doesn’t mean that I think sell off is imminent…. Continue reading →

Interested in alternative sources of income – come to this event on June 5th

Regular readers of this blog will know that I frequently write about alternative sources of income, mostly but not exclusively investment trusts. One issue many ordinary investors have with this specialist space is getting as many managers in one room… Continue reading →

GMO warns on long term returns – switch to cash and EM assets

Investors in both bonds AND equities have had a terrific last few years. As interest rates have hit close to zero, the price of most risk-based financial assets (bonds and equities) has shot up, with correlations tightening across the board…. Continue reading →

Come along to the Alternative Property forum on June 19th

Apologies for the radio silence of the last few days for the blog  – slightly diverted by the Big Call Dividend Debate last Tuesday. I’ll be resuming normal blogging service next week but in the meantime I have another event… Continue reading →

Thoughts on survival for property investors

In the middle of June AltFi launches its first Alternative Property Forum, featuring most of the biggest and best platforms in this fast-growing niche – tickets are free and available here. There’s plenty to talk about on the day but… Continue reading →

There’s still too much debt!

Being a journalist forces you to be fairly cynical about big trends, especially when it comes to investment. I’ve always assumed that fundamentally most clever ideas work until someone writes about them – at which point they start to fade… Continue reading →

Another trading ideas update – some buy thoughts this time

A quick note today as I’m off to the airport for another foreign jaunt – this time India for a few days (!). In effect, I’ve another small idea’s update, but this time with the emphasis on possible buy ideas…. Continue reading →

The WeWork Bubble

Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t already done so, you can book tickets to my next event – the Dividends Debate – online now. Tickets are going fats but they are free and available at: SocGen’s wonderfully acerbic and… Continue reading →

Oil at $100 !

I’ve just finished reading a wonderfully detailed and entirely convincing position paper by Swiss fund manager Burggraben. I can’t say I know the firm but on the basis of the paper on the energy markets I’ve just read, I’d say… Continue reading →

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