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Aircraft Leasing Funds – still circling

The small fleet of listed airplane leasing funds keep cropping up on my contrarian radar. Is it time to buy yet? Most of the listed funds suffered mightily earlier in the year after the A380 new planes program was terminated…. Continue reading →

A Tale of two tables and two very different narratives

Today I offer two charts, with a seemingly contradictory message. The first is for investment bank credit default swaps. I watch these fairly closely as I think they are a useful signal for telling us about perceived risk within the… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – EM Bonds and Why corporates bar the mega caps are struggling

Equity investors may have recovered some of their confidence, but the hard numbers keep telling us a very different story – which is that investors are worried and are pumping more and more money into bond funds. The first chart… Continue reading →

Watch US Consumer confidence measures – they are flashing red

Its long been assumed by many investors that the central bankers, especially those in the US, watch stock markets volatility like a hawk. There are, for instance, rumors that some economists in the central bank even track the Vix –… Continue reading →

Tax efficient investing for the common good

I’m fairly sure that most readers of this blog won’t have heard of something called Community Investment Tax Relief. You can find out a bit more about the scheme HERE – In essence, it’s a bit like EIS but… Continue reading →

Was demutualisation such a good idea?

I’m sure many readers of this blog made good money out of the building society demutualization process. I can remember busily opening building society accounts all over the place in the hope of ending up with a share allocation. From… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – What a surprise. Trade War Cease Fire. Quelle Surprise

My guess is that President Trump can probably only deal with one war at a time, even if both the current bunch of wars (Iran and China) are primarily composed of hot air, tariffs and sanctions. News from the Osaka… Continue reading →

Rent Controls take off internationally – next stop the UK just as our PRS sector takes off?

I’m mostly in favor of sensible regulation that helps ordinary working people have a better stab at a decent middle-class life. But this good intention thinking sometimes ends up with noble-intentioned, badly executed ideas. A prime example is affordable housing… Continue reading →

Investors beware – Corbyn’s route to Power revealed

I’ve constantly repeated over and over again in the last few months in whatever column or channel I can access that I think the greatest single threat that UK investors face is the rise to power of Corbyn. And I… Continue reading →

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