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All things digital : Cordiant buys some big assets and DeFi play Dispersion lists

Regular readers will know I am very bullish about digital infrastructure as a specialist sub asset class. I have personally invested in both the UK listed entities, Cordiant and D9 – though I put more money into D9. Yesterday brought… Continue reading →

Monday Macro (on Tuesday) April bounce, and surging earnings

S&P Dow Jones reports that overall global markets gained 4.15% (after last month’s 2.27% gain), as the YTD was up 9.10%. For the month, 40 of the 50 markets gained (with all developed markets up), up from 33 last month… Continue reading →

More on cycles plus Japan

My Citywire column this week touches on the subject of financial and economic cycles. You can see the column here: As I say in my column I am dubious though curious. I think cycles have some potency and some… Continue reading →

The Inequality Myth

Apologies, today I’m wandering off-topic and thinking through a subject that attracts a lot of attention, increasingly by the ESG brigade. Inequality. I have a pet theory that inequality is an obsession of left-wing, highly educated middle-class folk, especially in… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – food inflation, UK dividends and solar panels

Back to my favorite topic – inflation watching. I’m not entirely convinced that we in the developed world should be too much concerned about inflationary trends. As I noted last week, there’s absolutely no evidence that normally price inelastic, sticky-price… Continue reading →

A New addition to the Dynamic 35: BlackRock World Mining

Investing in mining stocks is always a speculative exercise. On a practical level although there is some logic to investing in large diversified global mining groups – the Rio’s, BHPs, and Glencore’s – there are also some very obvious ‘execution’… Continue reading →

Green Delusions

As governments – our own included – start to throw around climate change commitments like confetti, I think it’s time for some honest talk. I am no Green skeptic and I think a) we can get to net zero within… Continue reading →

The best share ever and more DeFi listings

Just caught up with an interesting story via CNN Money today. Care to guess what’s the most successful stock over the last 53 years since 1968? “One dollar invested in this company in 1968 was worth $6,638 yesterday (including dividends)…. Continue reading →

Monday Macro – reflationary excess and sticky price inflation

Over the last few months, I’ve become progressively more bullish about the likely economic recovery. But I realize that my optimism is increasingly a consensus view – which opens me to the charge of groupthink. Or alternatively, I could simply… Continue reading →

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