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Reminder – come along to Cannabis Finance Forum on Sept 17th

Just a quick reminder from last week about my next big event on Sept 17th…. I’m very excited to announce that I’m hosting a lengthy event on the funding of the Cannabis sector in Europe. Its on Tuesday 17th September… Continue reading →

Monday Macro: Warning on Commerzbank and trade war victims

Two interesting research snippets caught my eye last week. The first is from Bath-based risk consulting firm CheckRisk. They’ve just issued an alert on Commerzbank. They call it a distance to distress alert and the big German bank is now… Continue reading →

New Cannabis investing event in September

I’m very excited to announce that I’m hosting a lengthy event on the funding of the Cannabis sector in Europe. Its on Tuesday 17th September and will be focused on understanding how the sector can grow through equity and debt… Continue reading →

Patient Capital and Burford Retail Bonds – time to buy ?

The fall out from the Woodford affair continues to unwind through various stocks. As I predicted the share price of the main investment trust vehicle, the Patient Capital Trust has continued to decline. We’ve had a retrace of the 40p… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – The Three Cs: China, Currency manipulation and copper

Another boring few days of saber-rattling in the great Trade face off. – now supplemented by currency wars. Not unsurprisingly equity markets have reacted badly. What has caught my eye though are a few standouts numbers from market commentators –… Continue reading →

Time to start looking at Australian gold miners?

I noticed today that Variant Perception has put out a blog which suggests that investors look at silver instead of gold. The rationale is very solid. Gold has had a good run, and many gold miners are looking a tad… Continue reading →

High yielding asset managers and a warning on US shale output

Just been looking through the quarterly report from Guinness Asset Management looking at recent returns from their Global Money Managers fund – which invests in other fund managers. The interesting chart below stands out – looking at the stocks in… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – still making money in bond investing ??? Here’s one way

Market volatility has picked up and investors are jittery again. They’ve been spooked by yet more tariffs from the US and the US Fed refusing to surrender completely to the equity bulls. Quite how any of us can be surprised… Continue reading →

Watch out for a Boris bounce later in the year

I think we can begin to see the outlines emerging of how the new prime minister may be able to engineer a miraculous escape from electoral oblivion, one which could point to a sudden and strong revival in prospects for… Continue reading →

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