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The Mini Bond Bubble

Last week The Times newspaper reported that Square Pie, a startup funded via debt through Crowdcube had folded. You can see the article online here – The excellent James Hurley, enterprise editor of The Times quite reasonably raised the… Continue reading →

So it was a Bump afterall

So, where are we with the markets – was it a bump or something more ominous? The evidence so far firmly points to the former, the bump. A nasty one but not unexpected. Here’s the quant team at SocGen from… Continue reading →

Peak oil demand misses the point….A bigger problem lurks in the Middle East

BP currently has an excellent analysis online focused on peak oil demand. IIt’sby Spencer Dale, Group chief economist at BP and Bassam Fattouh, Director of The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and can be found for free at Dale… Continue reading →

Hard numbers and the glass half empty syndrome : surging dividends and profits

The greatest irony of the last few weeks market volatility has been that the sudden panic has happened just as evidence emerges that the global economy is fine form – and corporates are enjoying bumper profits which are in turn… Continue reading →

Watching the wrong signals

Many years ago, I remember having coffee with a wizened old investment academic who gravely intoned that “David, always watch the FX markets. Everyone focuses on stock indices and bond yields, but the trouble usually starts with FX rates”. His… Continue reading →

Rebound or just catching the falling knife?

As I write this short blog (late on Monday 12th February 2018), the major US and UK markets are rebounding nicely after a week or so of mayhem. The obvious question is whether this is a proper rebound (proceeded by… Continue reading →

Four Research Snippets on the big macro trends

I’ve got four snippets from recent research today which echo some of my own observations about global financial markets at the moment. They argue for three relatively simple investment ideas: Long emerging markets but especially China. Be more cautious about India… Continue reading →

Still long energy for 2018

Still long energy for 2018 I’ve been consistently surprised by how buoyant oil prices have become in recent months. I’m that fool in the corner – along with a few other fools I might add – who thought oil might… Continue reading →

Anyone for a bit of Macau?

Macau Property Opportunities has long been a core investment in Nick Greenwood’s Miton portfolio of closed end funds. The logic behind the holding has always been impeccable – great quality assets in the heartland of China’s offshore version of Las… Continue reading →

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