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Interesting news on Phoenix

Good news this morning for one of my trading list stocks, Phoenix Spree. As predicted the German courts have found in favour of the property funds and struck down the Berlin law. Unsurprisingly the Phoenix share price is up this… Continue reading →

Greenwood’s spin on some of my favourite unloved funds

Nick Greenwood runs an excellent fund over at Premier Miton called the Premier Miton Worldwide Opportunities Fund: the Citywire fund profile of this vehicle is here – I think it’s fair to say that Nick spends a great deal of… Continue reading →

Great event tomorrow on leveraged shares on single stocks- not too late to sign up!

Adventurous Investor regulars will know that I’m quite keen on single-stock leveraged trackers. I think they serve a valuable purpose, especially with tech and growth stocks. Anyway, if you want to find out more, my colleagues at ETF Stream have… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Energy prices, tech stock liquidity and small-cap passive holdings

One of my few predictions for the coming year (apart from a Q2 equities sell-off plus surging commodity prices) is that we might see a big spike in oil prices this year, with the possibility of oil pushing past $80… Continue reading →

Three speculative ideas: Geiger Counter subs, Iovance and Base Resources

Today I have three adventurous, speculative investment stock-specific ideas – all three of which I am currently looking at for my own portfolio. First off, we’re back to my bullish views on nuclear power and uranium prices. I’m primarily exposed… Continue reading →

Podcast aimed at the youngsters and Conservative ESG

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a podcast with a very smart young guy – the son of an old school colleague – called Jyram Sharma. The focus in the discussion was on what advice an old git like… Continue reading →

Monday Macro (on Tuesday) – speed data on the UK recovery, cheap Italian shares and why you need to be discerning with Emerging markets

If I had to guess, I’d suggest that the consumer bounce back this spring in the UK will be better than many analysts expect. My sense is that a) many people are desperate to go out and spend and b)… Continue reading →

D9, and a new NFT fund

I suppose it was inevitable but today brings news that we are about to have our first non-fungible tokens (NFTs) investment fund on the UK market (or any market to my knowledge). This will prompt much eye-rolling but let’s be… Continue reading →

New addition to Prudent 15 – Biopharma Credit

In these articles about funds relating to my Prudent 15 list, I have tended to steer clear of the many, many alternative funds listed on the London market. That is not because these funds are not interesting – many of… Continue reading →

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