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Check out the new FFF Foodtech index

Regular readers will know that I’m involved with a sister website called My hunch is that the food and agricultural revolution that is coming our way in the next few decades will be pivotal for stockmarkets, which is why… Continue reading →

Still long uranium, still long biotech fund Arix and still long oil at $100 in 2022

Earlier this year I mentioned Arix Bioscience in my FT column as a cheapish way to buy into the biotech VC space, alongside RTW Ventures and Syncona. Well, Arix has certainly had a few upheavals since then, including a management… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Inflation again, and why UK consumers are OK

Inflation redux Arguably the biggest debate at the moment is between the inflation hawks who think we’re about to suffer a nasty bout of inflationary surges and the transitory camp who think ‘it’ll all pass’. I’m in the latter camp… Continue reading →

where’s the biggest risk to portfolios, Ethereum as the new silver plus new battery storage fund

Last week I was asked over lunch what I thought was the single biggest risk for investors. Fiddling with my slightly overchewy steak I debated whether to mutter the usual dread words (inflation, equities sell off) before deciding on Taiwan… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Not all prices are rising, seventies redux and the R word

You might have got the impression that prices are rising everywhere, especially within the commodities complex. That’s only partially true though. The main benchmark commodity index, the S&P GSCI (ER) rose by 6.0% in September, which is a relatively big… Continue reading →

Insider fund buys plus Stocks that might provide some diversification benefits plus fund buys

Insider fund buying It’s always interesting to track who in fund land is eating their own cooking or more accurately insiders buying fund stock. I’d argue that’s especially the case at the moment with markets looking a bit fragile. Investec… Continue reading →

some fund updates: Cuba, India, SUPP and Doric Nimrod 2

Today I’ve got a quick smorgasbord of fund updates on some of my more adventurous investment trusts. First up, Killik and Co’s excellent research guru nicely sums up why I’m still enthusiastic about India Capital Growth (IGT). If we’re honest… Continue reading →

Why I’m backing Doceo

If you haven’t already done so, I thoroughly recommend visiting the new website. I mentioned the website in a Money Week article a while back and so impressed was I in this new video-based proposition that I thought I’d… Continue reading →

Alternatives redux – why US Treasuries might not be such a great bet

My FT column this weekend and my Citywire column this week harp on about the same topic – how to diversify your portfolio in case of market turbulence. The idea here is to find genuine alternatives. On Friday I’ll publish… Continue reading →

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