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Monday Macro – Naked Emerging Markets!

As I’m a holiday this week, I have a short note today…on emerging markets! I admit that I have been a little too optimistic about prospects for EM equities over the last few years. Cynics would, of course, argue that… Continue reading →

Trust the investor – please sign this petition and help us keep the nanny state at bay

It won’t come as a great surprise to readers of this blog that I think most investors are basically fairly sensible people. I’ve never subscribed to the narrow view that all investors are perfectly rational but equally I think that… Continue reading →

On a tangent: why investors need to rethink trade unions

Globalists and liberal types have been in retrospective mood over the last few years, busily rueing their hubris as the populists have surged forward. As we’ve all realised this had real-world consequences beyond the intellectual anguish recently displayed in The… Continue reading →

Want to know everything about robos and digital wealth? Come to Oct 2nd event

AltFi are hosting their second event focused on Digital Wealth and Robo’s on October 2nd. We’ve got a great line up of speakers and the tickets are free. I’ll be hosting quite a few of the discussions, so its definitely… Continue reading →

Russia : the fiscal conservatives

The Welsh side of my family always used to joke about Communists, ex-Communists and Anabaptists( much crossover between all three) – they might want to share everyone’s else’s wealth, but boy they were tight when it came to their own… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Real estate cycles plus equity income goes East

Property funds have become hugely popular with private investors, especially those in search of an income. Overall, I’m a big fan of real estate investment trusts or REITs as they are known – these permanent capital vehicles provide a great… Continue reading →

HgCapital – still a core holding?

HgCapital has long been my favourite way of playing the listed private equity space – via a single manager rather than a fund of fund. It’s got a cracking long-term track record and it seems very focused – on Europe,… Continue reading →

IPO pipeline reopens: here they come!

We’re only two weeks into September and it’s clear that the IPO rush has already started in earnest. I’m sure I’ve missed a few but I’ve already caught sight of four reasonably big new IPOs – not including a likely… Continue reading →

The gordian knot of performance fees

Another week, another interesting note from Matt Hose over at Jefferies on investment trusts. This time he’s highlighted an interesting peculiarity relating to performance fees. In simple terms most investment trust managers tend to charge two sets of fees, one… Continue reading →

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