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Thoughts on trading/investment ideas

A quick update today on some of my recent investment ideas. Good news on the Ranger front where a proper debate about what to do with this direct lending fund seems to be underway. Last week major shareholder Oaktree decided… Continue reading →

Fintech handout

One of the trendy new economic ideas circling around the (Hard left) world of Jeremey Corbyn is that the state should play a much more important role in encouraging innovation and change. Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation… Continue reading →

Liberum on what’s not to love about listed PE fund of funds

Almost every week now I find myself touching on the listed PE fund of funds.  Last week I identified ICG Enterprise as another addition to my basket of PE funds. This week its HarbourVest, who I’ve traditionally not followed as… Continue reading →

The real news – bond yields

Over the last few months, I’ve become something of a news cycle cynic. As a journalist this sounds an almost heretical statement – it’s like a Bishop denying the existence of god. For journalists, surely, our whole reason for being… Continue reading →

Warning signs from China

In twenty years time, I have no doubt that our kids will look back at our markets and wonder “why all this endless obsession with US equities”.  American economic hegemony has been so complete that we no longer even sub-consciously… Continue reading →

A new core listed PE fund – ICG Enterprise

Regular readers will know that I quite like the listed private equity funds space. To be fair, I have severe reservations about the ethics of some PE operators – especially their fees and use of leverage – but overall, I… Continue reading →

High Fidelity and Fees

I suppose it had to happen sooner rather than later. As the debate about fees charged by fund managers, especially in the investment trust space, heats up, sooner or later a big manager would walk away from a board demanding… Continue reading →

Iran in the firing line again

What the world really doesn’t need now is much higher oil prices. My hunch has been that oil would trade in a $40 to $60 range. I was wrong about that and oil has fairly consistently traded above $60, in… Continue reading →

Steady Eddie Dividends

Just a quick reminder to sign up for tickets for my next event, on dividends – on May 15th. It’s the Dividends Debate and you can find out more details (and get free tickets) here or at the ETF Stream… Continue reading →

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