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Further reading on the weird and wonderful world of Crypto

Over at AltFi, we’ve been incrementally increasing our coverage of the crypto space. It’s important to say that I think our attitude is one of very cautious optimism. I’m not sure I see any sign at the moment of the… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Another bump in the road

Apologies for the radio silence last week – manic with the AltFi London summit, which was a big success. Thank you to all those that attended. Anyway back to normal business…. Markets are spooked again. They’ve spent the last few… Continue reading →

Last call for AltFi’s London summit Monday, 18th March….book now

Next Monday I’ll be in 155 Bishopsgate moderating AltFi’s biggest London summit yet. We’ve got some truly awesome speakers, with a real focus on online lending and SMEs this year plus our usual smattering of great digital banks. I think its… Continue reading →

Further readings: On sceptical investing and how to fight the Corbynistas on nationalisation

I’m not a natural Tory or conservative but I’ve long respected the work of Edmund Burke. It seems to me that he quite rightly reminds us that many liberals have much in common with the dreaded conservatives in that we… Continue reading →

Tuesday musings – the obvious debt fund trade and when to use quant investing

I’ve been musing a fair bit recently about how advisers – especially in the US – should be using smart beta and factor ETFs. My overall bottom line (in true contrarian fashion) is that smart beta and factor funds have… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – China’s deficit partners, African value and SG’s latest oil update

This week I thought I might venture globally and look at China, Africa SSA ex SA) and the world oil market. Let’s start by reminding readers that the Chinese People’s Congress has held its annual meeting. A veritable hotspot of… Continue reading →

Musings on funds and stocks: Syncona, Artemis Alpha, Lendinvest retail bonds

Reminder – if you are into ETFs, do remember to buy my new book on the subject written with David Tuckwell. If you go HERE and enter a discount code STEEAM30, you’ll get 30% of the asking price from Harriman… Continue reading →

My new book on ETFs has just been released

It seems like an age since I brought out my last book! Ironically one of my last projects was helping to rewrite a book on Investing for Dummies which ironically ended up featuring (slightly) in a prime-time ITV series about… Continue reading →

Monday Macro : Stage set for a Meltup but watch out for European credit tightening

So far, so good. 2019 is shaping up nicely. The FTSE All-Share index is up 7.2% year to date, with the MSCI World up 7.1%. Over the last 12 months, the equivalent numbers 2.9% and 6% respectively and it’s only… Continue reading →

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