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New fintech ETF, Riverstone, Uranium and biotech

Some interesting bits and bobs today. Let’s talk inflation: If you’re interested in the ongoing inflation debate, it’s worth checking out Doceo’s inaugural ‘Manager View’ webinar, Bruce Stout of Murray International Trusttalking about the outlook for inflation, interest rates, and supply chain disruptions…. Continue reading →

Stamps, rate me and despising billionaires

I’ve always had a soft spot for stamps. My father collected them and as I’ve grown older I’ve found myself slowly building up my collection. My own personal favourite strategy – probably a stupid one – is to invest in… Continue reading →

Are technologial breakthroughs always deflationary?

Unfashionable as it sounds, I’m still just about in the Roaring Twenties camp. I think the 2020s will prove to be a momentous decade in which we’ll see a whole number of technological transformations help push productivity rates much higher…. Continue reading →

Monday Macro – European earnings, Indian renewables, aging societies and commodity thermometer

One of the underpinnings behind the continued increase in share prices is the surge in earnings, even in Europe. Yet there are also some signs that these earnings numbers are being greeted with some skepticism by increasingly cautious investors. Take… Continue reading →

New addition to Dynamic 35: JPMorgan Russian Securities

Before we delve a little deeper into our new fund for the Dynamic 35, let’s front up the obvious challenges. Russia is not everyone’s cup of tea. Its political elite leaves much to be desired – based on Western liberal… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – The bulls point to earnings growth, bears to tighter liquidity

By and large, I’ve turned more bearish in recent months but it’s completely possible that I’m entirely wrong about my grim warnings. I’ve been scaling back my equities position marginally but if I’m honest I’ve not sold too much –… Continue reading →

Student debt nightmare

I suppose its not unnatural that those of us with children in universities tend to take a close interest in student finance, not least because we are usually the Lender of Last Resort, though I use the term Lender with… Continue reading →

Fund updates: Riverstone on a roll, RTW Ventures and watching VPC

I’ve recently included Riverstone Energy (RSE) in my alternative funds trading list. The shares have ticked up nicely since then, partly off the back of rising energy prices. The other key driver is that the managers are trying a clever… Continue reading →

Some thoughts on hedging vehicles

My column this weekend in the Financial Times – online in the next few days – looks at leveraged trackers as a way of hedging the risk of a big market sell off. My hunch is that the probability of… Continue reading →

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