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Friday Smorgasbord: reflections on crypto, trouble in Nigeria and the US battery storage space

Clearly, the crypto space has gone a bit bonkers. I opened a Ziglu account back in Q3 of last year and invested some play money, mainly in Bitcoin 9or fractions thereof), as well a smattering of Ethereum and Lite coin…. Continue reading →

Leveraged ETPs for the medium term? Plus why I bought Walt Disney

I’m sure most of you are as shocked as I am by the footage from America. To say I was – and continue to be – stunned is an understatement though The Bulwark crowd of Never Trumpers have been warning… Continue reading →

New additions to my funds trading list: Phoenix Spree and Tetragon

I thought I would kick the year off with two new additions to my alternative funds trading list. I updated readers about progress just before Xmas, with well above benchmark returns although in truth it’s still a very young portfolio… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – the year in the rear-view mirror

Happy new year! I’m sure readers will be busy today, not least with trying to figure out what might happen next with the dreary coronavirus situation. As I’ve mentioned before in this blog I keep a close watch on the… Continue reading →

Watch Asia and the Philippines plus a Funds trading list update

Over the last few years, I’ve been very happy to invest in the Samarang Asian Prosperity Fund, managed by Greg Fisher. I like its value-driven style, its substantial investments in lesser-known geographies in the East Asian region (Vietnam and Malaysia… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Four charts for a depressing day

Welcome to the festive season! The FTSE 100 is falling sharply, we may have a hard Brexit any day now, a new variant of the virus is spreading ‘out of control’ in Essex and the country is now officially quarantined… Continue reading →

Bitcoin goes mainstream as might psychedelics

Two fascinating snippets, plus a cracking factoid today! The first relates to the ‘mainstreaming’ of bitcoin and other digital currencies. It comes in yesterday’s daily funds report by the research team at Numis and focuses on the news that Ruffer’s… Continue reading →

The Nice to Haves…portfolio protection and new taxes (?)

Today I am in slightly dreamy, opportunistic mode pondering some useful advances that might be helpful for all of us. I will start with practical investment thoughts and then move on to the knotty subject of tax (!). Let’s kick… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Is the perpetual motion stock market machine poised to implode?

So, today I’m going focus on an excellent helicopter view from Vincent Deluard’s, Global Macro Strategist at StoneX. He’s been writing some very challenging pieces in recent months and I think this is one of his best ! His December… Continue reading →

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