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The safe bet on infrastructure: INPP (International Public Partnerships)

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be adding two new funds to our Prudent 15 list, both in the broad infrastructure and utilities space. My next article will be on a fund that invests very broadly in the shares… Continue reading →

Left field idea infrastructure income idea

Infrastructure investing has gone absolutely mainstream over the last decade. When I first started writing about listed infrastructure funds in the Financial Times over a decade ago, there were just a handful of funds (including HICL and INPP) and yields… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Slaughter of the dividends, US take outs and UK household spending falls off cliff

A (grim) tale told today in three related charts. The first is from the regular LINK Dividend monitor which tracks regular payouts by UK PLC. The headlines are below, with the accompanying chart mapping out the full horror of it… Continue reading →

My new Alternative Income trading list: First two (familiar) investment trusts

I’m finishing off this week with the launch of a new funds trading list/portfolio. Its aimed at those investors looking for an alternative income but who also would like the chance of some decent capital gains, powered in part by… Continue reading →

CoVid 19 in a wider context plus value managers struggle in Asia

An interesting observation or two today from Charlie Robertson, Chief Economist at Renaissance Capital.  The first is based around the first chart below, which puts existing CoVid 19 deaths within a broader context for mortality data. According to Robertson, “If… Continue reading →

Podcast, what next for central banks and hedged gold

If you’ve got a spare 30 minutes or so, do have a listen to my Citywire podcast interview with Dan Grote and Gavin Lumsden. I probably sound a bit bearish, which isn’t really quite accurate. Cautious would be my favourite… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Debt and more debt, the big get more valuable but there’s always a payoff from market turbulence

Three big picture stories caught my eye today. First up, Janus Henderson have just released their newest survey, this time looking at corporate leverage. The headline is salutary – company borrowings around the world surged to a record $8.3 trillion… Continue reading →

UK equities continue to under perform

One of my favourite sleight of hands when talking to investors is to show the chart below (courtesy of Sharepad). It demonstrates the historic under performance of the UK’s FTSE 100 index compared to the equivalent US benchmark, the S&P… Continue reading →

Of moats, champions and titans: New Global Equities ETF

I’ve always been drawn to the old Warren Buffett idea that one successful way of minimising risk through investing is to out money to work in businesses which have a substantial competitive moat of advantage.  For Buffett that notion of… Continue reading →

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