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Monday Macro – In the rearview mirror: 2019 in numbers

I think its fair to say that we’ll probably look back on 2019 as one of the better years, or perhaps more accurately the year that surprised us all. Personally I thought, as we are late cycle, it would be… Continue reading →

Aircraft leasing redux, Riverstone Credit and more detail on Ag fund

I tend to keep a close eye on most of the more alternative funds on the London market, with a special focus on unusual forms of income. Aircraft leasing funds top that list – I’ve already commented on them this… Continue reading →

Finally, a big Agriculture fund…and aircraft leasing

Over in the listed lending space, Hadrian’s Wall has attracted a fair bit of (negative) coverage for its problem portfolio but I think a more interesting story is emerging at SME Credit Realisation. Hadrian’s issues are very company-specific, dependent on… Continue reading →

Structured products can work for properly advised investors – the numbers provide the narrative

As we cruise towards the end of 2019, I thought it might be worth highlighting one sector which has clearly demonstrated relatively low levels of volatility in terms of returns, not only over the last year but the last decade… Continue reading →

ESG, ETFs, and commodities ESG investing is hot. Barely a day goes by without some new survey suggesting that we should be investing more ethically. As an example, a recent survey by Bank of America showed that 78% of Millennials… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – 2019 proving to be a bumper year plus the savings glut in Europe

Apologies again for the radio silence over the last few weeks. Endless events, more than a few board meetings and a research report to write. Back to normal service now. Let’s be honest – 2019 has been something of a… Continue reading →

On IPOs and the Saudi’s

One of the most interesting stories of recent years is the slow but steady decline in the quality – and quantity – of IPOs on the European markets. Looking at the numbers for the third quarter of 2019, across Europe… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Value surges and the real problem with Trump

Markets seem to be in decent shape – apparently, the MSCI World Developed has finally beaten its January 2018 high following a rise of 0.7% last week and a 6.8% gain over the last month. This, so far, confirms my… Continue reading →

Still cruising on the late stretch of a bull market…pity about earnings

Overall in investment terms, I’m still cautiously optimistic though I would emphasize that word cautiously. I currently don’t see any obvious immediate drivers pointing towards a sharp slowdown. My default hunch is that we are – as I have said… Continue reading →

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