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Self evident truths and my new dislocation radar  

Albert Edwards at SocGen was yesterday quite rightly in my view suggesting that the obvious next step for policymakers is to try some form of helicopter money. I’ve been boring investors at any number of events about this for years… Continue reading →

Healthcare stocks during Covid plius why changing discount rates say sit tight

Today I bring you two useful perspectives that aren’t the usual doom and gloom which seems so pervasive. The first comes from the managers behind the Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC, OrbiMed run by Trevor M. Polischuk. Here’s one insider take… Continue reading →

Fund observations – AA4, Pershing and Schroders European Real estate

It’s worth digging around amongst the carnage of the last few days to pull out some interesting stories in the funds’ space. First up Amedeo Air Four Plus, ticker AA4. Over the last week, its down a stonking 43% and… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Volatility levels really are different this time…plus US sector carnage

Earlier on today, I was chatting on the phone with Professor Elroy Dimson, one of the leading (UK) economists looking at (amongst other things) the long term returns from investing. I’ll return to what we discussed in a broader Citywire… Continue reading →

Latest investment trust Dynamic 35 report: The genomics revolution and the appeal of Syncona

It’s easy to get carried away with the short to medium term noise coming out of stock markets. The coronavirus has sent investors in the developed world heading for the exit. But in truth, some sectors of the giant ‘technology’… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – of bears, styles and drooping EPS numbers

We are now officially in bear market territory. As I write this the FTSE 100 is at 6043 and is down 21.3% from its peak level at 7674. The FTSE 250 has fallen slightly less (obvious given its lower materials… Continue reading →

Funds: The boutique premium and a new battery fund

I’m not buying the bounce in equities, especially following the surprise cut in US equities. Why am I so cynical? Because the global economy needs coordinated fiscal stimulus not lower interest rates These lower rates might end up spooking investors… Continue reading →

More Viral Numbers – emerging markets plus investment trusts

Earlier this week (Monday to be precise) we saw an interesting compendium of data points on the virus from  Charlie Robertson, Global Chief Economist at Renaissance Capital. This outfit has an excellent handle on emerging and frontier markets data, so… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Viral Damage

Last week was a tad bruising for equity investors. My guess – and it is only a guess – is that this week might be less horrid though I would expect markets to tank again if a major government decides… Continue reading →

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