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James Anderson’s new berth Kinnevik : the basics on a Swedish investment company

Interesting to see James Anderson of BG and SMT move over to chairing Kinnevik, a Swedish investment company that looks and feels a bit like Prosus. Here is another family-backed investment vehicle that mixes listed investments (Zalando) and private, non-listed… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – UK looking up, stimulus cheques and call options

Interesting observation last week from SocGen’s economist Brian Hilliard on the recent decline in unemployment. There’s been some discussion that this was a freak number or that the true situation is much worse than the data suggests but Hilliard is… Continue reading →

Ideas for cash savings online plus Passion’s Seedrs raise

Some practical ideas for investors, in a fintech vein today: two savings products and a VC raising money well worth investigating! First off if you happen to be a Moneybox shareholder – I bought some via their crowdfunding campaign –… Continue reading →

Moral panic in investor land and why earnings aren’t as important as we think they are

The news that Robin Hood is looking to IPO has helped to divert attention from the rumblings against investment democratisation. In both the US and the UK there’s a growing chorus of ‘experts’ who reckon that democratisation of finance is… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – markets approach the turning point …lots of charts!

I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that we may be fast approaching a key turning point in the stock market. I would now offer a bet with a 50% probability that we’ll have a proper market tantrum… Continue reading →

Weekend reading – The Hydrogen Age ??

I’ve tended to avoid the hype around the impending hydrogen revolution. It’s not that I don’t think that hydrogen has a role to play – in fact, I’m going to point to a research report that very sensibly maps out… Continue reading →

Crypto and Uranium (not together in one place I hope)

Just finished reading a brilliant research note (or demolition job, depending on your views) on digital currencies and bitcoin specifically by analysts at BoA. Its called Commodity Strategist – Bitcoin’s dirty little secrets and I wish I could offer a… Continue reading →

Future Food Finance launches

Very excited to report that we launched FutureFoodFinance today! This is my new blog focused entirely on the food revolution underway and the rise of everything from Cultured meat through to carbon sequestration and plant biotech, taking in a hefty… Continue reading →

March update on my Alternative Funds Trading list

We’re now roughly nine months since I launched my watch list portfolio of alternative funds and overall I’m still looking at an average increase of around 18.48% across the 11 ideas and total returns that are over 22% (including dividends)…. Continue reading →

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