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Crowdfunding – democratisation delayed

Yesterday brought some surprising news. Seedrs and Crowdcube are combining.  You can read more about the merger here – I use both platforms as an investor and have had experience of raising money in the latter. Why my surprise?… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – another good quarter (and month) for equities plus inflation over the real long term

We’ve now got the numbers back for September as well as the last (third) quarter and we’ve had another good run for equities. Those of us expecting a nasty, brutish return from the summer holidays have been disappointed again, although… Continue reading →

Turkish Black Hole

As I talk a great deal about adventurous stuff, its inevitable that I will regularly end up talking about damned stupid ideas: in truth there have been plenty of them though not quite as some might think !One of them… Continue reading →

All Doped out – a Cannabis dead end in the UK? Pass the psychedelics ?

Remember the great cannabis gold rush? Thought not. A while ago I hosted a great little event at PR agency Maitland on the business behind Cannabis. There was lots of enthusiasm and a bunch of really great business ideas, mostly… Continue reading →

The bigger picture – the Covid data black hole and the need to stop treating us as infants

I’m not going to bore readers with my views on the imminent semi-lockdown but I do want address one issue that is I think proving to be a major problem: the lack of granular data informing meaningful debate about what… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – UK looking dirt cheap according to Cross Border Capital

Much as we stock market observers love to babble on about valuations, I’ve long been aware that this is largely a futile exercise. My favourite trick is to go Robert Shiller’s stockmarkets data website, and call up the CAPE data… Continue reading →

Do ETFs really fuel the tech and quality mania?

I have to say that Vincent Deluard at US based outfit StoneX is fast turning into arguably the most articulate and readable quant expert writing today. Every few months he comes out with a great paper which nicely sums up… Continue reading →

RTW Ventures – a new addition to my trading list

I have a new fund that has popped up on my radar – it’s a specialist late stage biotech/medtech venture capital fund called RTW Venture Fund. Most investor’s I have talked to haven’t heard of the fund and that’s largely… Continue reading →

What next for Lithium ; cognitive dissonance and where’s there’s a will there isn’t always a way…..

I think if you sat most growth orientated investors down and talked to them about the big industry move that will change everything in the next few years, they’d probably very quickly get to the prospects of a new electric… Continue reading →

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