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Monday Macro – EM in trouble, divergent markets and VC floods into agtech

My own sense is that we’re moving into a more dynamic, arguably unstable, choppy market regime. Macroeconomic factors will interact jaggedly with bottom-up numbers to create a more unsettling environment where many players start quietly taking profits and wait for… Continue reading →

Interesting links – Don’t forget DeGiro, a new Twitter index, China’s exports and Aging

Low-cost share dealing Now that Freetrade is about to start another funding round, it’s possible to forget that there’s another pioneer in the field of low or zero cost share dealing: DeGiro. They are much closer to the more ‘traditional’… Continue reading →

In defence of passive and Robin Hooders

Reading Matt Levine on Bloomberg is a bit like a daily sugar fix. One can be guaranteed that he’s identified some market lunacy and will endlessly riff on its inanity. That said, too much exposure to Levine can also warp… Continue reading →

ETF spotlight – ESG event tomorrow, Chinese bonds and US inflation thematics

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow I’ll be at ETF Stream’s Big Call: ESG Investors Forum 2021. I’ll be moderating two panels on my favourite subject of ESG as a factor and using ETF within portfolio construction. You can sign… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Which earnings numbers are important plus those missing 4 million workers

Finance 101 is that earnings matter. But as we all know, what matters is which earnings you use? Along with the debates around the usefulness of acronyms like EBITDA, there are also endless debates around forecasted earnings. Useful or just… Continue reading →

New fintech ETF, Riverstone, Uranium and biotech

Some interesting bits and bobs today. Let’s talk inflation: If you’re interested in the ongoing inflation debate, it’s worth checking out Doceo’s inaugural ‘Manager View’ webinar, Bruce Stout of Murray International Trusttalking about the outlook for inflation, interest rates, and supply chain disruptions…. Continue reading →

Stamps, rate me and despising billionaires

I’ve always had a soft spot for stamps. My father collected them and as I’ve grown older I’ve found myself slowly building up my collection. My own personal favourite strategy – probably a stupid one – is to invest in… Continue reading →

Are technologial breakthroughs always deflationary?

Unfashionable as it sounds, I’m still just about in the Roaring Twenties camp. I think the 2020s will prove to be a momentous decade in which we’ll see a whole number of technological transformations help push productivity rates much higher…. Continue reading →

Monday Macro – European earnings, Indian renewables, aging societies and commodity thermometer

One of the underpinnings behind the continued increase in share prices is the surge in earnings, even in Europe. Yet there are also some signs that these earnings numbers are being greeted with some skepticism by increasingly cautious investors. Take… Continue reading →

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