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Monday Macro – What a surprise. Trade War Cease Fire. Quelle Surprise

My guess is that President Trump can probably only deal with one war at a time, even if both the current bunch of wars (Iran and China) are primarily composed of hot air, tariffs and sanctions. News from the Osaka… Continue reading →

Rent Controls take off internationally – next stop the UK just as our PRS sector takes off?

I’m mostly in favor of sensible regulation that helps ordinary working people have a better stab at a decent middle-class life. But this good intention thinking sometimes ends up with noble-intentioned, badly executed ideas. A prime example is affordable housing… Continue reading →

Investors beware – Corbyn’s route to Power revealed

I’ve constantly repeated over and over again in the last few months in whatever column or channel I can access that I think the greatest single threat that UK investors face is the rise to power of Corbyn. And I… Continue reading →

Another brick in the wall of Decarbonisation coming to a grid near you !

A fund manager source sent me a fascinating link to a news story today, one which speaks very clearly to what I think is one of the great disruptions of our modern age – the decarbonisation of the modern economy…. Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Gold is back, blame Trump and Iran

I can’t help but think that President Trump has got himself into a bit of a jam about Iran. Did his advisers as well as the Israelis and Saudi’s really think this all through? They collectively believed that the Nukes… Continue reading →

At what price would we buy Patient Capital ?

I have no intention of boring the readers of this blog about my thoughts on the Neil Woodford affair – I’d simply refer you to my recent Citywire column on the subject, HERE. Now, just to prove that I can… Continue reading →

Key takeaways from Amundi Investment Forum last week

At the tail end of last week, I attended the excellent Amundi Global Investment Forum, a star-studded extravaganza of Nobel winning economists, central bankers and ex-top flight politicians. The quality of speakers is always excellent and who can say no… Continue reading →

Alternative Income event tomorrow

Apologies for the radio silence last week – at Amundi Investment Forum. More on that excellent event later in the week. A gaggle of Nobel economists plus John Kerry on Iran and China. In the meantime just a quick reminder… Continue reading →

Event Reminder – Tech funds and AltProperty

A quick reminder today about two great events I’m hosting that are coming in the next month or so. First up is the ETF Stream Technology funds forum. We’ve assembled a really first-rate bunch of speakers to talk about using… Continue reading →

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