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Monday Macro – “Normal” vol is back and why shale’s payday is a tad underwhelming

There’s been much collective moaning and gnashing of teeth amongst investors over the last few, turbulent, weeks. The penny seems to have finally dropped that we are now entering a new volatility regime, where markets could trend sideways for aeons,… Continue reading →

Weekend reading: The New (Green) Maoists versus the Rest – the coming populist showdown.

If you’re looking for the next great populist showdown, I’d suggest that it might have a green hue to it. Over the last few weekends, we’ve had a real Anglo-French contrast in rebellion. Here in the UK, a new breed… Continue reading →

Allied Minds Redux

Its only been a few days since I talked in this blog about the alarming share price decline of tech VC Allied Minds. I wondered whether this once highly valued London listed firm was in a death spiral, with its… Continue reading →

Unusual investment headlines of 2018: Buying into Poo Bear and Malaysia Rising

Two quick stories attracted my interest over the last week. The first is from the new music rights fund Hipgnosis. This came to the UK market via a successful IPO a few months ago and to date, we’ve been waiting… Continue reading →

Is Allied Minds in a death spiral?

If you are looking for a small hint of what might happen next to the global Tech sector, consider the plight of Allied Minds. The share price for this once beloved, tech investor is in free fall with no obvious driver… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Equity investors hold their nerve as inflows increase and rocky oil markets

My guess is that the nasty bout of market volatility over the last few weeks was a small tremor and not the start of a big sell-off. To repeat – despite this short-term positivity, I am much more cautious over… Continue reading →

Forget Brexit, there are much bigger economic problems to worry about

When it comes to Brexit, everyone seems to have an opinion on what might happen next – and what impact it will have on the UK economy. The consensus, regardless of whether you are a Remainer or Leaver, seems to… Continue reading →

M&G back in the investment trust game and more trouble in social housing land

I think its great news that M&G have managed to get their proposed Direct Lending fund over the finishing line – it is called M&G Credit Income and is now trading on the premium segment under the ticker MGCI. The… Continue reading →

The rise of the Killer Batteries in three simple to understand graphics

Yesterday saw the first day of trading by the Gresham House Energy Storage fund, under the ticker GRID on the specialist funds segment of the LSE. The shares were issued at 100p and Gresham House raised £100m which will be… Continue reading →

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