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Negative interest rates meet QE4 – the imminent Doom Loop

Today we feature a double dose of SocGen inspired gloom and doom. The first is from a predictable source, the Albert Edwards, the bank’s resident perma bear. I love Albert’s work but tend to treat his warnings with a touch… Continue reading →

Why combining ESG and Value factors doesn’t work plus why QE4 is on its way

Two papers worth commenting on today – one of factor investing/ESG, the other on the imminent arrival of QE4. The first research note is from the always excellent Nicolas Rabener at Factor Research. The German investment analyst continues to mine… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Waiting for the dollar to weaken….again.

A quick reminder to register for my next event – on cryptocurrencies for mainstream investors. Register for tickets for free HERE. Anyone remotely interested in broad macroeconomics – and its impact on stocks – has to be ever so slightly obsessed… Continue reading →

Come to my Crypto event Feb 27th : Everything you always wanted to know about Crypto but were afraid to ask

Sticking with the digital theme, today its time to revisit Crypto. First up if you want to find out more about what Crypto mans for mainstream investors, do think about coming along to an event I am hosting with AltFi… Continue reading →

Tech Talk Part 1: Coconut and Freetrade

Today and tomorrow I have a double whammy of tech stuff. Today I’m focusing on the go-go world of financial apps, tomorrow crypto. Anyway, two apps that have caught my attention are Coconut and Freetrade. Both speak to what I… Continue reading →

Cash is still king and trouble in store for the Russian economy

Last week I mused about why so many perfectly rational economic actors like to irrationally keep their wealth in cash. It may yield next to zero, but cash isn’t a traditional ‘investment asset class’ – it’s a bundle of options… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – The Dash for trash, slowing dividends growth and watching the Feb PMIs

So far, we’ve had a strong start to 2019, with the MSCI World up 11% from its lows and +6.3% year-to-date. According to Andrew Lapthorne over at SocGen a “remarkable 87% of all MSCI World stocks are up to year-to-date;… Continue reading →

Updated 2019 Watchlist

Here’s my 2019 individual stock watchlist for anyone who’s interested. Tristar Resources. I was an avid buyer at around 25p but the price has shot up today after news that it might not need to raise extra equity finance. My… Continue reading →

Thinking about ETFs, indices and how to pick the right fund

Apologies but I’m still stuck in my post-Boglephase, this time with a focus on ETFs. Jack Bogle famously disliked ETFs of course, thinking that they ended up being much too tactical. He worried that they encouraged short term thinking and allowed… Continue reading →

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