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Monday Macro – The Pivot Point for Interest Rates

Happy new year! To this lay observer, it seems obvious that the global financial system has become addicted to not only low-interest rates but also to the constant balance sheet interventions of quantitative easing. In a sense, this addiction is… Continue reading →

And now for some good news in the world of alternative funds

All in all, it’s been a fairly dismal end to the year, with most markets feeling a bit sour. The resignation of Jim Mattis, the US Defence secretary probably won’t help assuage the growing fears about Trump Vs 2, Unchained…. Continue reading →

International trade flows – time to think again about Turkey?

We may be late cycle but we are still seeing some interesting ideas emerge out of the woodwork, especially in the world of alternative credit and income. EFA Group, for instance, has just launched a specialist, institutional focused, Financial Institutions… Continue reading →

The Bank CDS market warms up ahead of Xmas – trouble ahead or just a repricing of risk?

The normally boring world of big bank credit default swaps is beginning to show signs of life. For much of the last few years, these insurance-based options against bond defaults have barely moved, with rock bottom pricing. This, in turn,… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Keep an eye on Japan for the upside

If investors are looking for a real surprise over the coming year, my suggestion is to focus on events in Japan. The Asian economic powerhouse has been battling not only deflation for a decade but also a host of natural… Continue reading →

Energy efficiency fund finally hits the market

Congratulations to the team behind the launch of the SDCL (Sustainable Development Capital) Energy Efficiency Income (SEEIT) which has just listed on the LSE after raising an impressive £100m. This is a very unique fund exclusively in the energy efficiency… Continue reading →

Macro Monday – reasons to be cheerful

Apologies for my absence last week – I was gainfully ensconced in wintry Toronto for an AltFi event. This week I have three quick snapshots that I think talk to a bigger story – which is that despite the current… Continue reading →

Listed Lending funds: a double pairs trade

I’ve always been a tad curious about why some stockmarket listed lending funds seem to trade at a decent premium – Honeycomb, and the Funding Circle SME Income fund – whilst others (actually, most) trade at a whopping discount. On… Continue reading →

Catco’s Firestorm

I have long been a fan of the idea of investing in catastrophe bonds as a portfolio diversifier. The biggest vehicle has been London listed fund CatCo, which has hoovered up a fair amount of money in recent years. I,… Continue reading →

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