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Monday Macro – Miners set for rebound, PBOC trims and FAANGs dominate

Three stories to pick up on today, the first on the basic materials sector rebound, then weak Chinese central bank intervention and finishing with surging FAANGs. The first is a relatively bold call by Charles Ekins of EkinsGuiness ( who… Continue reading →

Thoughts for the weekend: are the infrastructure fund of funds just too big…plus Freetrade factoids of the day

In this blog earlier this week – and online at my Citywire column HERE – I mentioned that defensive investors looking for a simple, easy way to buy across the infrastructure space was to buy into one of the growing… Continue reading →

Market conditions offer tailwind for structured Products

Volatile market conditions, both upwards and downwards in direction, present real opportunities for certain types of investor. In theory hedge funds (and by default absolute returns managers) should benefit, although in truth only a small fraction do actually produce above… Continue reading →

Covid fund survivors plus more real estate funds face turbulence to come

Interesting report out yesterday form the real estate analysts’ team at Morgan Stanley. Entitled Taking Stock it asks the question many of us are asking – is now the time with deep discounts to jump back into real estate funds?… Continue reading →

Fintech survivors, why dividends still matter and the lockdown starts to unwind

Another bunch of interesting charts which speak to a bigger story to kick off the week. Lets’ kick off with the fintech revolution in the Covid 19 world. All manner of digital claims have been made involving the virus over… Continue reading →

Defensive thoughts and second waves

I’ve noticed that more than a few are bandying around the old adage of sell in May and come back in September. No doubt this usual seasonal caution is being accentuated by the recent rally which has been incredibly strong,… Continue reading →

The Basis Points Portfolio plus earnings trends

Last week in my Citywire column – HERE – I mentioned that I thought that one of the most interesting investment ideas out there at the moment was to invest in the plumbers behind the modern financial and investment system…. Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Money everywhere plus UK Small cap valuations

Over the last week we’ve seen a growing number of articles picking up on what I think could be the two big stories over the next year or so, post corona peak panic – helicopter money and inflation. The first… Continue reading →

Charts extravaganza: watching Covid test rates plus data on 150 years of bear markets

I’m breaking my self imposed rules again and wondering aloud about the virus and it’s path. Today my focus is on stuff we don’t like to talk about but maybe might have an impact on the way we think as… Continue reading →

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