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Safety in Size and an Ode to Teresa

I’m sure we’ll be bored stiff about the news of the PMs resignation but all I would say is that it isn’t great investment news. I personally admire Mrs. May resolve and I think her suggested deal was the best… Continue reading →

The politics of fraud plus a new retail bond

I was in the queue at Boots at the weekend and I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation about ‘common-a-garden’ fraud. Someone was claiming that a fraudster had cleaned out £9000 from their bank account. Someone else was complaining about… Continue reading →

Monday Macro: Dividends keep on rising and anyone for a masala bond?

One of the reasons why I’m still, cautiously, optimistic about global equities is that most of the fundamental, backward-looking, drivers of returns still seem to be in place. Dividends, in particular, are still pushing ahead. According to Janus Henderson and… Continue reading →

Calling alternative income investors (and managers) plus cheap energy stocks getting cheaper by the day

First off, an event reminder. On June 12th I’m running with ETF Stream a morning only event on tech investing with headline speaker the excellent Ben Rogoff from Polar capital plus a star-studded array of active and passive fund managers…. Continue reading →

Tech event on June 12th, Vietnam and another way of looking at crypto

Another reminder to sign up for my latest event, at ETF Stream, on Technology funds. It is on the morning of June 12th on Cheapside in the City of London and boasts a bunch of first-rate managers from both the… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Still on track

Tariff tantrums today and for the last few days. My guess is still that it will end up with a ‘big deal’, so beloved of Trump. But its also clear that we’ll have to put up with a huge amount… Continue reading →

The Cost of intransigence in geopolitics and global investment

Investors seem to be growing increasingly relaxed about the legion number of political risks though they remain concerned about one key aspect of modern political discourse – intransigence. Trump may blow hot and cold about tariffs with China, but the… Continue reading →

Institutional investors don’t seem to be buying into the equity rally

It’s always worth scanning the data on fund flows, if only because they give us an accurate record of what bets institutional investors are currently taking with their clients’ money. The big story at the fund level is one of… Continue reading →

Come on in, the water’s lovely.

The headline above is the alluring conclusion from a report at the end of April by S&P Dow Jones looking at equity markets and current very low levels of volatility. In April, the index firm concluded that using their family… Continue reading →

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