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David Stevenson

The demise of the A380 and what it tells us about investing in aircraft leasing funds

So, farewell the mammoth A380. None of us can be terrifically surprised that Airbus has decided to bite the bullet and abandon additional new production of these jumbo planes. The unwritten assumption has always been that this ambitious programme would… Continue reading →

Fun and games at Plus500 and why I’m quietly buying the shares despite the horrible news

Plus500 has finally got its comeuppance from an increasingly skeptical London market. It’s Waterloo moment was, I suppose, predictable. There’s always been a legion of cynics out there, not just about the general sector (Alphaville) but also the business itself. The… Continue reading →

How different factors respond in a dynamic rates environment

One of the more obvious features of modern investment is that different types of shares – and different types of investment styles – perform differently based on different macro-economic variables or rates regimes. Thus, common wisdom has it that in… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Keeping a tab on earnings and Germany in a funk

So far, not so bad. Early indications are that fourth-quarter corporate earnings aren’t anywhere near as bad as first thought – although Europe is looking less healthy. According to Charles Stanley’s Earnings Tracker earnings surprises from the likes of Apple… Continue reading →

Negative interest rates meet QE4 – the imminent Doom Loop

Today we feature a double dose of SocGen inspired gloom and doom. The first is from a predictable source, the Albert Edwards, the bank’s resident perma bear. I love Albert’s work but tend to treat his warnings with a touch… Continue reading →

Why combining ESG and Value factors doesn’t work plus why QE4 is on its way

Two papers worth commenting on today – one of factor investing/ESG, the other on the imminent arrival of QE4. The first research note is from the always excellent Nicolas Rabener at Factor Research. The German investment analyst continues to mine… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Waiting for the dollar to weaken….again.

A quick reminder to register for my next event – on cryptocurrencies for mainstream investors. Register for tickets for free HERE. Anyone remotely interested in broad macroeconomics – and its impact on stocks – has to be ever so slightly obsessed… Continue reading →

Come to my Crypto event Feb 27th : Everything you always wanted to know about Crypto but were afraid to ask

Sticking with the digital theme, today its time to revisit Crypto. First up if you want to find out more about what Crypto mans for mainstream investors, do think about coming along to an event I am hosting with AltFi… Continue reading →

Tech Talk Part 1: Coconut and Freetrade

Today and tomorrow I have a double whammy of tech stuff. Today I’m focusing on the go-go world of financial apps, tomorrow crypto. Anyway, two apps that have caught my attention are Coconut and Freetrade. Both speak to what I… Continue reading →

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