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Weekend reading: Thinking about Taiwan

Pineapples. Like many, I never realized that Taiwan produced lots of them. Then again looking at the map, you suddenly realize that this island state (?) is much more tropical than I first thought. Until recently, it sent many of… Continue reading →

ESG supply chain verification : the coming paperwork tsunami

It was, I suppose, inevitable that the great ESG tumult of corporate moral righteousness would finally result in the triumph of the bureaucrats. To be clear, I support some of the objectives of the ESG lobby, especially around a) radical… Continue reading →

Uranium: an update

Well, so much for all those inflation/ rates fears. The market came roaring back yesterday and I cannot quite fathom out why. But I suppose that’s rather beside the point as the markets are in what I call ‘see through’… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Inflation, stocks and suffering bond investors

Another Monday and another sign that inflation is starting to re-appear in the global economic system (unsurprisingly it must be said given the likely pace of recovery). The latest report comes courtesy of the excellent Variant Perception newsletter HERE and… Continue reading →

Weekend reading : Free central bank accounts and digital levelling up would make a real difference

I’m afraid I can’t help but be cynical when I hear earnest well-paid fund managers rattle on about ESG. That cynicism takes on a nervous tick when talk turns to how fund managers can help tackle inequality, prompting extensive eye-rolling… Continue reading →

A new addition to my Alternative Funds trading List : Georgia Capital

Next week I’ll be checking back in on my Alternative Funds trading list. But for now, I have one addition to the list in the shape of deeply unloved Georgia Capital. This a slightly peculiar London listed fund that buys… Continue reading →

What’s wrong with the energy sector ; some thoughts for investors

I recently had a chat with my 19-year-old son about investing in energy stocks. He has just opened a Freetrade account and is already showing signs of being a thoughtful investor. Not for him all the bonkers stuff in the… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – European earnings surging, and the UK market is still dirt cheap

How’s earnings growth looking across the main European stock markets? Fairly positive, at least according to bullish equity analysts at Morgan Stanley. In sum, we are on course for another headline earnings per share beat in Europe they argue. Here… Continue reading →

Crypto Mania

Today I have a fun chart for all you crypto cynics. Back at the end of October my column for Citywire turned to the subject of crypto. You can read said column HERE. I am absolutely no crypto-enthusiast but I… Continue reading →

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