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Monday Macro – Another “best” number from China plus India looks to be in better shape

As we probably all expected, it looks like numbers coming out of China are surprising to the upside. In fact, analysts are beginning to project a very strong recovery for Chinese growth next year based on their models for consumption… Continue reading →

Some thoughts on Wealth taxes

For the last few years, I’ve been telling anyone who chooses to listen that the tax burden on wealthier investors is set to increase, via a three-stage process. The first is that allowances will be tightened or abolished. Then we’ll… Continue reading →

More on the roaring twenties, why interest rates are low, and digital whiskey

I want to double back today to some recurring themes I’ve discussed on this blog, starting with why the next decade may spring a surprise on we cynical types. Could we be setting up a repeat of the Roaring Twenties??… Continue reading →

More China observations…debt defaults on the increase and Ant dives into Blockchain

The conventional narrative amongst global investors is that investors might now want to stop looking at China and focus instead on other emerging markets – a narrative which I, by and large, agree with in the short term. One element… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – start of the great rotation: UK value stocks and small caps back in favour?

The big unknown for investors at the moment is whether we are about to see another classic rotation out of increasingly expensive growth stocks into cheaper sectors as evidence of an economic bounce-back accelerates in 2021.  The first chart below… Continue reading →

A smorgasbord of TowerCos, The End of the Great Stagnation, The Big Shorts and a Super spreader event at an epic level…read and weep!

A real mix of snippets this week, kicking off with the rise of the Towerco Infra sub asset class Towercos as an asset class Everyone loves infrastructure as an asset class. As I write, there are probably at least a… Continue reading →

Trading list update – one new addition, ICG

A quick update today on my funds trading list. On average the seven funds on my list – plus one existing trade – have netted an average price return of 16.6% over the last few months. That’s not too bad… Continue reading →

A new Dynamic 35 fund: India Capital Growth (ICG)

This week I have a very adventurous addition to my list of 35 Dynamic funds. I admit that it’s not without risk and its recent track record hasn’t been fab if I’m honest but I think the seeds for a… Continue reading →

Monday Macro- Virus numbers, QE to infinity, MS Bullish on 2021

Like many readers, I tend to keep a close eye on the daily UK coronavirus stats – available online in various formats here: The data coming from many countries such as the USA and Austria has been deeply troubling… Continue reading →

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