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A potpourri of interesting stories – watch Georgia post covid, Cannabis in the US still on a roll and ESG momentum slows

As we all grimly expected, the Covid 19 pandemic is now working its way through hotspots in the developing world. We’ve heard about ‘challenges’ and possible under reporting in Russia but what about the other former Soviet Union nations? Renaissance… Continue reading →

Witan – a long term buy and hold globalist fund with a value bias

You can find out more about my Dynamic 35 and Prudent 15 lists here at Sharepad – Investing should really be about simplicity. Take global investing. Nearly every investor should have some exposure to a globally diversified mix of developed… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Dollar outflows? Value still lagging and European equities further to run

A number of interesting big picture thoughts, all linked by the idea that overpriced US Tech stocks might start to face some competition from cheaper alternatives. We start with the macro driver which could be a weakening US dollar. Now,… Continue reading →

Curve caught in Wirecard meltdown plus which US shares UK investors are buying – be afraid, very afraid

A few quick updates on a couple of very recent blogs. First off, poor old Curve. There I was getting excited about their new Curve Credit idea. And loe and behold, that same day my colleagues at AltFi reported that… Continue reading →

FT column on Hybrids out now

My latest Financial Times Adventurous Investor column is out online in advance of this weekend’s edition. You can read it here : (subscription required) – I thought it might be worth adding a sort of epilogue to that column…. Continue reading →

Odds and Sods: Curve Credit, Drivewealth on the retail boom and SEEIT ups fundraising

An assortment of snippets today. First up in the Fintech world I’ve long been a fan of Curve – I liked the product so much I even decided to buy a few shares in a recent Crowdcube raise. I think… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – The ESG Bandwagon rolls on…

My latest Money Week column is all about the remorseless rise of ESG investing. The section below I think nicely sums up the convincing narrative about why ESG funds have had a good crisis. “According to SG’s own ETF analysts… Continue reading →

Move over Woodford, meltdown at JZ plus PRS looking good value and yep, a Covid ETF

I have to say I think we cynical commentator types should stop endlessly pointing to Woodford as an example of what can go wrong with ‘mission/strategy creep’ by an experienced fund manager and maybe focus instead on JZ Capital Partners… Continue reading →

Inflation might be higher (and lower) than we think, plus gold redux and the death of cash Part2

I have commented before in this blog that until Covid came along I could count the number of investors who SERIOUSLY worried about inflation on one hand after chopping off a few fingers. Of course, the gold bug brigade have… Continue reading →

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