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Monday Macro – Pimco’s 2022 consensus forecast, growth traps, the yield spread as a guide and an average 1 minute on the web

It’s fast approaching that time of the year where we’ll get wall-to-wall end-of-year/beginning of year predictions. Pimco has been quick of the mark and has outlined what I think is probably a consensus view, namely broadly positive on equities, especially… Continue reading →

Climate change counter factuals

I’ve just finished reading Steven Koonin’s new book Unsettled: what climate science tells us, what it doesn’t and why it matters. It’s a worthwhile read but  I can see why many experts have criticised the book. Its core argument is… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – the sell off, a big deal or not ? Plus China VS EM

The recent sell-off hasn’t convinced me that the market has properly adjusted to a new medium volatility regime. The recent market falls have conformed to a standard 3 to 5% pullback every 2 to 3 months. More pertinently, they’ve not… Continue reading →

Alternative Funds Trading List Update

A quick update today on my alternative funds trading list. I’ve been running this for a couple of years now and featured it in a Citywire column for the first time on September 21st of this year. You can see… Continue reading →

Another UK industrial policy own goal, this time in fintech

The UK has scored another own goal, this time in fintech. The culprits were, as usual, the regulators who’ve taken a narrow view of the competitive landscape and handed the crowdfunding market to bigger US players. As someone who has… Continue reading →

WTF about Bulb, future gazing, & another metaverse ETF

Am I the only person who is totally in despair at the government bailout of Bulb Energy? Various news reports suggest that the government will have to spend £1.7 billion to supply Bulb customers this winter. Sorry but let’s just… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – an Asian vibe, China’s zero covid folly, Japan’s boost, declining Indian population growth and WFH

I’m trying to find more time to read through and analyze the challenges presented by China. Some of it is about the upside but sadly too much is about the increasingly obvious risks. I think that balance is out of… Continue reading →

Timber versus nuke funds… Victorian momentum investors

JPMorgan Cazenove reports that Foresight Forestry FSF has “ raised gross proceeds of £130m through its initial public offering of ordinary shares at 100pps. This is lower than the £200m target set out in the IPO prospectus. The shares are… Continue reading →

ESG is doomed

Last week my colleagues at ETF Stream held a great event on ESG ETFs. You can see more about this cracking event HERE . I moderated two of the panels and hopefully, I managed to keep my rampant cynicism about… Continue reading →

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