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Morgan Stanley goes cold on gold and why Kazakhstan is another one to watch

Gold has a good run of late, helped along by positive comments from some in the investment banking community. Morgan Stanley, for instance, had a buy note on gold for many months, but it now looks like they are having… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – the hard numbers on the Italy problem

I find it strange that when I talk to my most fervent Brexiteer friends and colleagues, they seem to be almost salivating over the prospects of Italy jamming it to Brussels – and the Italian banks bringing down the Euro…. Continue reading →

Could ETFs be used as a ‘revolutionary’ vanguard?

It’s worth reading a cracking article by my colleague David Tuckwell, out this week on The link is HERE. It’s all about a new US gold ETF from the Western Australian government-owned Perth Mint, a companion body to our… Continue reading →

Keeping an eye on Georgia…..and a worrying increase in stoned pedestrian fatalities

Although I think that the IPO of Georgia Capital was arguably one of the worst timed recent issues in living memory (and overpriced at launch to boot), I nevertheless have this frontier market play ( a listed fund on the… Continue reading →

Wednesday Notes – on SME lending, Schroders Europe REIT and social housing pitfalls

A quick smorgasbord of observations within the funds’ space. First up, are SME lending rates just too damned low? One of the big advantages of disruption within financial services is that intensified competition tends to result in lower interest rates… Continue reading →

Monday Macro – Stop eating Steaks Now!

I’m not sure what to make of the strikes in schools and colleges across the country about climate change. On one level it is hugely heartening that so many youngsters are willing to work together to battle climate change. But… Continue reading →

The demise of the A380 and what it tells us about investing in aircraft leasing funds

So, farewell the mammoth A380. None of us can be terrifically surprised that Airbus has decided to bite the bullet and abandon additional new production of these jumbo planes. The unwritten assumption has always been that this ambitious programme would… Continue reading →

Fun and games at Plus500 and why I’m quietly buying the shares despite the horrible news

Plus500 has finally got its comeuppance from an increasingly skeptical London market. It’s Waterloo moment was, I suppose, predictable. There’s always been a legion of cynics out there, not just about the general sector (Alphaville) but also the business itself. The… Continue reading →

How different factors respond in a dynamic rates environment

One of the more obvious features of modern investment is that different types of shares – and different types of investment styles – perform differently based on different macro-economic variables or rates regimes. Thus, common wisdom has it that in… Continue reading →

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