Slightly unusual note today – not your usual investment musings I’m afraid!

Many readers will know that I run two news and analysis websites – and

We’re always looking for bright young things to join us but I do have a particularly urgent need for a new writer/analyst to work with me on all things ETF and asset allocation related!

Ideally, I’m looking for a well educated and curious person who is relatively new to journalism – so previous journalistic/writing experience is not a necessity though their English writing skills will need to be excellent!

In fact, I’m acutely aware that there are many smart types who once thought about going straight into financial analysis but are now having second thoughts – or maybe finding the normal entry routes blocked off! In which case financial journalism is an increasingly viable alternative.

Ideally said person would have a good basic knowledge of investment and even ETFs. Good communication skills are also needed as they’ll be working with a wide range of interviewees. London based as well!

We’re in need of said person asap and though the salary isn’t a king’s ransom compared to some City starter salaries we pay pretty well compared to our peers in news journalism !!

If readers of this blog know anyone who might fit the bill tell them to drop me an email and a CV to