Apologies for the radio silence of the last few days for the blog  – slightly diverted by the Big Call Dividend Debate last Tuesday.

I’ll be resuming normal blogging service next week but in the meantime I have another event coming up – a very focused session looking at Alternative Property lending and Investing. It’s on June 19th and full details about the event are HERE. The tickets are free for the afternoon session – just drop my colleague Ryan an email at ryan@altfi.com. Here’s a bit more background about the event:

The UK boasts a uniquely diverse market of alternative property investment platforms. There has arguably never been so many ways for investors – both institutional and individual – to gain exposure to UK real estate. The originator universe spans debt to equity, fintech to non-bank lending. There are a dizzying number of investment channels available, including peer-to-peer platforms, crowdfunding sites, fund structures and bonds. To help you to navigate this exciting but crowded market, join me at the first Alternative Property Forum, taking place at the offices of Instinctif Partners, a City communications firm, on 19 June 2018. We’ll display the best of the UK’s flourishing alternative property investment market over the course of an afternoon packed full of presentations and discussion, followed by drinks. Speakers include Christian Faes (co-founder and CEO of LendInvest), John Goodall (co-founder and CEO of Landbay) and Robert Stafler (co-founder and CEO of Fintex Capital) all of whom will be presenting, in addition to many more excellent speakers. We’ll be discussing a wide range of big themes including :

  1. Where are we in the property cycle?
  2. Investing in buy to let property: the crowdfunding equity approach
  3. Regional markets – what next for the Greater London region?
  4. Investing in buy to let mortgages
  5. Bridge funding and lending to developers