A quick update today on my funds trading list.

On average the seven funds on my list – plus one existing trade – have netted an average price return of 16.6% over the last few months. That’s not too bad when compared to a return of around 8% over the last six months for the FTSE All but these are all higher risk, more volatile funds.

The laggards so far are PRS REIT and Stenprop. To be fair to the latter fund (Stenprop), its steadily being transformed into a pure play industrial REIT so I wouldn’t expect too much price action. PRS by contrast looks a bit marooned and is still trading at a cavernous discount to NAV. I wouldn’t be surprised if some more active shareholders turn up on its register and demand that the board do something to get the shares back on track.

I have one new addition to the list – India Capital Growth. I had a long note on this fund yesterday, but I think we are now at a tipping point.

My hunch is that emerging markets exc China are due for a reset, and India might be a big beneficiary – local mid-caps and maybe the new portfolio ideas at ICG will start to show results.

I would set a two-year target price for ICG of over 100p, if not 110p.


Name TIDM Current Initial % change % change in price
Existing Positions Price price (price) 1 week 1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year
Schroder European Real Estate SERE 89.5p 72p 24.30% 7.83 21.3 27.9 34 -22.8
Doric Nimrod Air Two Ltd DNA2 81p 61p 32.70% 1.25 4.52 33.9 45.9 -52.6
Honeycomb Investment Trust PLC HONY 935p 765p 22.20% 1.91 2.19 22.6 26.4 -4.83
PRS REIT (The) PLC PRSR 76.2p 75p 2% 1.6 2.97 0.528 10.4 -10.4
RTW Venture Fund Ltd RTW 170¢ 152.5c 11.40% -0.585 11.8 15.3 36 45.9
Stenprop Ltd STP 128.5p 121.5p 5.76% 0.784 7.53 7.98 38.9 16.3
Urban Exposure PLC UEX 69.5p 56p 24% 0.725 20.9 80.5 8.59
New addition
India Capital Growth Fund Ltd IGC 74.4p 74.4p 1.78 7.36 16.3 81.5
Previous sold position
Alternative Credit Investments ACI (PSSL) 10.90% SOLD bought at 750p sold at 832p in August (21st)
FTSE All-Share ASX 3603.38 0.368 8.35 6.38 8.53 -10.7
Average return 16.6%