I’m just about to put the finishing touches to a new event I’m moderating on February 11th in the afternoon, at Havas’ wonderful Kings Cross offices. It’s all about the investment implications of Decarbonisation and it’ll be an invite-only (free) event.

Details on the event are below but if you want to come along please do drop me an email as soon as possible or contact William Maitland at Maitland’s.

I think this will prove to be a very popular event, so make sure you get a ticket as soon as possible.


The investment implications of re-engineering a new energy system

If the developed world is to stand any chance of meeting its legally enforceable (in the UK at least) carbon emissions reductions targets (by 2050 or even earlier), then we need to get started on a massive re-engineering of the industrial and energy system. The government will clearly have a role to play (carbon pricing, nuclear energy?) but as John Kerry recently noted at a leading investment conference much of the hard work will need to be done by the private sector. A huge investment program is already underway and this will need to intensify in the next few decades, opening up huge investment opportunities. Thinking through the challenges, both technical and financial, will require investors to ignore the growing culture wars on the subject and focus instead on the technological opportunities and new industrial processes.

This invite-only event is an attempt to have a pragmatic discussion of the many opportunities and niches, placing them within a wider context of planet level change. It’s not an attempt to rake over old debates, more a chance to think through the new markets and opportunities. The event is meant to be interactive and discursive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and debate the challenges.

Speakers include everyone from ben Goldsmith of WHEB and Ian Simms at Impax to Jessica Alsford from Morgan Stanley and Duncan Owen head of real estate at Schroders. We’ll also have Jonathan Maxwell of SDCL and Ben Guest of Gresham House plus speakers from Amundi, and I hope the European business school, EDHEC.