Just a quick reminder from last week about my next big event on Sept 17th….

I’m very excited to announce that I’m hosting a lengthy event on the funding of the Cannabis sector in Europe.

Its on Tuesday 17th September and will be focused on understanding how the sector can grow through equity and debt finance.

The event will be held at Maitland AMOs offices in Kings Cross, in their fab new auditorium and we have a huge range of top tier speakers coming from all over Europe and North America.

Crucially the event is really focused on the key questions investors and financiers will ask. See the agenda below. It is what I call a pop up event i.e fast evolving, with new speakers and topics on boarded over the next month.

If you want to understand how to invest in this space or finance fast growing businesses operating in medical cannabis or CBD products, this is the event is for you! 

Details about the event are online now at


if you are an investor or involved in finance, tickets are free – just drop me an email

The event sponsors include Prohibition Partners, and Canaccord Genuity in Canada as well as Maitland AMO and AltFi.

The Key Questions: The agenda for the day

1. How big is the global market and how is it evolving in North America?
A keynote presentation from the top-rated analyst at Canadian firm Canaccord gives an overview of the rapidly evolving Canadian and US market

2. What next for the medical cannabis market in Europe?
A keynote presentation from Stephen Murphy from Prohibition Partners examines the nascent medical cannabis market in Europe, focusing on how different geographies are developing as well as the changing regulatory environment

3. Europe vs America? The challenges and opportunities
A panel drawing on the first two keynotes which discusses in greater detail the changing global ecosystem and the opportunities for growth in North America and Europe.

4. The North American experience – lessons to be learnt from across the pond about growth strategies.
A keynote presentation from a major Canadian/US player explaining how their market is developing and what the risks are to growth? Is cannabis a bubble market?

5. What’s the legal position for the European space? Will investing in this sector put my clients in gaol?
A Keynote presentation as well as a panel discussing legal and regulatory framework as it stands in Europe.
6. Offshore or onshore in Europe?
A panel discussing how different geographies and regulators approach the sector in Europe

7. What’s the best route for equity funding?
A panel examining everything from listed stockmarkets through to venture capital and crowdfunding as a way of funding the space in Europe

8. What are the fund managers looking for in the medical space?
Understanding the best structure for accessing the global cannabis space

9. How do I get debt funding for my business?
A keynote presentation by Geoff Miller from Cannafi focused on unlocking the maze of working capital, capital equipment and private debt funding. Followed by a panel involving Cannafi, an Altfi platform and an angel network

10. What’s next? The next generation new ideas for the cannabis space in Europe
A keynote presentation and panel looking at the new ideas in Europe for consumer products, hemp and picks and shovels players.