How to play emerging markets is at the top of asset allocators agendas as we head into the new decade. The diverse nature of emerging markets makes allocations even more crucial than in developed markets with the next blow-up potentially lurking only just around the corner.

As China increases its influence on the global stage (viruses notwithstanding) and opens itself up to global markets, the questions have started to increase. How much of an impact will the trade war have? Is a single country or broad-based the best way to gain exposure to the asset class and how much of the EM segment of my portfolio should be made-up of ETFs?

These and many more topics will be touched on in an event I’m running at ETF Stream in March. It’s on March 12th from 8am until 12.45 pm at 1 Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA. You can find out more about the event HERE –

Reminder on Decarb event

Also, a final reminder to sign up for my event on Decarbonisation next week, on the afternoon of Feb 11th at the Havas building in Kings Cross. We’ve got some great speakers and lots of fabulous panels. More details and the sign up is available here….