I think the legalization of cannabis is a really big affair. What started in North America will, I think, intensify calls for either reform or outright decriminalization. As a magistrate, I already see a hugely smaller number of dope related cases, rightly so in my view, with most cases dealt with by a caution. Most police forces admit to being not terribly interested in the issue and more than a few forces think we should go the whole hog and give up on this particular battle. Again, rightly in my view. Cannabis can be dangerous for some people and its impact on youngsters and their mental health is not to be sniffed at but if we are honest (as is alcohol), this particular bit of the war on drugs has failed. We’ve collectively tried to control it and we’ve failed. Time to move in, regulate and then spend the proceeds from taxing it dealing with the inevitable public health issues.  Personally, I would go even further and look to decriminalize some of the psychedelic drugs (especially in a medical context) but I accept that I am a bit ‘out there’ on this issue – although the evidence for using psychedelics for treating long term mental health issues is hugely impressive.

Anyway back to dope. I think that unlike many other market fads and themes built on weak foundations, this is the real deal. When change comes, there will be a whole new industry emerging – and with it a new ecosystem with big brands at the apex.

I’m going to organize a big Cannabis Investment Forum on September 17th where we’ll try and get as many of the North American businesses along as possible, plus the European upstarts but in the short term, I’m hosting a small invite-only event at the beginning of May with Maitlands. The format is a 25-30 person invite-only lunch at King Cross where I’ll be interviewing a panel of cannabis industry players. I’ve included the Maitland flyer below – there’s also an email address there as well if you do want to get in contact.

If you are interested in coming along to the full day, big event on September 17th please email my colleague oli@altfi.com and we’ll hold a free ticket for you – we’ll be charging from end of May so do get in contact as soon as possible.