Here’s my 2019 individual stock watchlist for anyone who’s interested.

Tristar Resources. I was an avid buyer at around 25p but the price has shot up today after news that it might not need to raise extra equity finance. My instinct is that it will drift back to 30p.

Plus500. A buyer at any point below £13 a share. Sharp Israeli outfit. Excellent digital marketers. Great vol hedge

Enquest below 20p a share. So thinking about buying as we speak. Great assets, difficult finances but a massively leveraged play on oil.

Caledonia Mining. Zim gold play. getting kicked because of local governmental barbarism and crap economy.

Allied Minds. I think we’ll see more price weakness which could see it fall below 50p again but I’d be a buyer again at around 35p to 40p

Dechra pharma. play on pets and vet medicine space. Buyer below 20p.

Lending Tree. great online lending platform. Buyer below $200 a share

Schroder European REIT. Buy below 107.5p. So, buying now. Think ti will go back up to around 120p and then I would sell.

Ranger Direct Lending. Buyer below 500p

P2pGI. Buy below 775p, sell above 900p after dividend has gone up.

Funding Circle SME fund. Pessimism overdone. Would buy around 80p a share and then sell above 92.5p.

Empiric student property. Buyer at any point below 90p. remedial work mostly completed. good assets. think it will be bought out by bigger infra player at £1.

Randall and Quilter. great insurance business. Boring as hell. Would buy below 160p.

H&T – buy any point below 250p a share. Recent numbers were excellent.

Globalworth. East European quality office play. Recent share price weakness could bring it down to 750c a share. At which point I would buy.